Why Sunoptics

An All-Day Lighting Solution for Your Commercial/Industrial Space

Since 1978, Sunoptics®, the leader in Prismatic Daylighting Solutions, has provided the ultimate, human-performance, net-zero lighting with all-day exposure to nature’s free, efficient, and most productive way to light a space.

Technology From Our Own Proprietary Plastics

To ensure high-grade skylight products, Sunoptics plastics use a proprietary blend of high impact, highly UV Resistant, polycarbonate prismatic materials. This allows for total quality control of both the product and longevity but also with the highest quality of lighting performance.

Making the Most of the “5th Wall” by Using Less of the Roof

By using Sunoptics’ properly diffused and dispersed daylight as your primary illumination source, typically only 3% to 5% of the roof (the “5th Wall”) is needed to implement a high-quality and highly effective skylight system.

Saving More than Electricity with a Sunoptics Skylight

By minimizing the amount of annual electrical lighting usage, today’s modern LED lighting longevity is significantly increased, adding to the sustainability of the entire lighting system.

Hail and Hurricane Rated Performance

Sunoptics Polycarbonate Prismatic Skylights and Smoke Vents have been tested and approved by Factory Mutual (FM) under FM 4431 for impact resistance; up to 2” hail, Sunoptics has also been tested and approved by the Florida Building Code (FBC) for High Velocity Hurricane Zones and Sunoptics has also obtained Miami-Dade NOA. Sunoptics performance and testing includes the stringent ASTM E1996/TAS 201 (large and small missile test), TAS 202 (static air pressure test), and ASTM E1886/TAS 203 (cyclical wind pressure) building standards.