Sunoptics Signature Series SVT2 UL Listed and FM Approved Prismatic Polycarbonate Smoke Vents

SUNOPTICS® Signature Series SVT2 Industrial Smoke Vents are ideal for use in industrial and commercial buildings where emergency smoke evacuation requirements are needed. Sunoptics has multiple smoke vent models and certifications available for your smoke vent needs.

The Sunoptics Signature Series SVT2 UL Listed and FM Approved Smoke Vents are available in single- and double-glazed versions utilizing ClearArmour® prismatic polycarbonate lens configurations with snow load ratings of 10- and 30-pounds per square foot.

The Sunoptics SVT2 FM Approved model smoke vents are available in single- and double-glazed versions made with ClearArmour® prismatic polycarbonate with a snow load rating of 10-pounds per square foot.

  • Sunoptics Diamond-Shield 10-Year Warranty
  • Two Lens Shape Options – dome or elongated pyramid (double-hip)
  • Lens Hail Class Ratings for Class 3 and Class 4
  • Fusible link options from 165°F (73.89°C) to 386°F (196.66°C)
  • Manual interior and exterior pull cables
  • Features Sunoptics prismatic optics to provide 100% diffused daylight throughout the day
  • Continuous-venting smoke vent (SVT2CV) option

Certain airborne contaminants can diminish integrity of plastic. Refer to Acrylic-Polycarbonate Environmental Compatibility tables for suitable uses.

Light SourceDaylight
Compliance ListingBAA
Regulatory ListingFM, UL
Product TypeSmoke Vents
Lens/Diffuser MaterialPolycarbonate
Primary MaterialPolycarbonate, Aluminum

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